A glimpse of my stories; Puzzle 1

Agung Prasetyo
2 min readAug 13, 2022

Obtaining education, particularly the formal ones is still a privilege. But how it applies may vary among people; some might have no idea if it is a kind of privilege, some need to struggle, even some others don’t have a chance to try their luck — what a drastic range. I’m the one that is lucky enough, could acquire what so-called elementary to senior high school, bachelor, even pushing my luck to master degree. However, it has been through a tough process, striving enough for me to say.

I was born and grew up in a small village of Sumatra, between the border of two provinces, where historical land disputes and conflicts have been recorded, even until recent times. My elementary and junior high school had been the most chilling edition. It’s close to home, living with family, playing with friends, wonderful memories. Yes I know, it’s still a privilege, so let’s be grateful. I remembered, sometimes my dad picked me up after school if he had finished working, yet many times I enjoyed walking from school to home with some other kids. Carrying a heavy backpack through not that flat terrain, while keep joking for some 2 kilometers away under a burst of tropical sunshine, ended when I smelled the delicious food of my mom.

Besides going to school, it’s common to have religious learning practices or known as mengaji, and I was keen on that. Right before sunset, we must go to mushola or Surau for then begin to study. At that time, money wasn’t common to thank the teacher, so parents brought a pack of daily necessities in a monthly period. I wasn’t a trouble maker kind of kid, neither the one who’d always been bullied. But I did experience when a group of friends laughed at me when I arrived with my dad using an old motorcycle. They did it almost every time when they heard the dying sound of the engine came around for me.

Well, I can do nothing, only silent. I had no attention to complaining to dad as well, although I was a kid, I could’ve understood sort of condition. Perhaps because I was always taught to be grateful, even a little I have — my dad is also a teacher anyway. lol. Hmm, but still it doesn’t make the hurt from such bullies disappear. I took it with no harsh feeling, hence, I became to understand a lil bit how this unpleasant feeling or some may name it hurt could impact children and will be recorded all life long.